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~ Making Dancers. Making Memories. ~

Claire School of Dance: Thanks for the Memories

After 28 wonderful years, Claire School of Dance is closing its Lambert Hall and Grace United studios. We will continue to offer enrichment programs during both the summer and academic year.  We also offer academic tutoring for grades K through 8 in math, language arts, and French.  In addition, we offer ballet coaching and adult ballet classes. Information can be found on this website or contact us for further details.

Our hearts will forever be linked to those who’ve danced with us.

Dancing is Magical at Claire School of Dance

Here is a sample of the magic in our creative movement 3 class.

We Teach More Than Dance

Yes, dance is about placement, technique, and personal expression.  But students learn so much more!

Students in dance class learn about self-discipline, focus, and the importance of team work. They learn to use correction as a spring board to greater achievement. They learn to take pride and pleasure in their hard work and accomplishment.

Contact us for more information about how YOUR child can learn what it means to grow as a person.


The final recital of Claire School of Dance is “Black & White Ball.” It will be held at the theatre of St. John’s School, Buffalo Speedway at Westheimer at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 10th. Tickets for adults are $15; children’s tickets are $10. Tickets may be purchased at the box office starting one hour before the performance. A reception honoring Ms. Claire and CSD teachers follows. For those unable to attend and wishing to extend their best wishes, HERE is our virtual guest book.

Students performing in the recital should attend the run-through rehearsal at our Grace United studio, 1 p.m. Saturday, May 18th.  More recital information can be found under “programs/recital.”

We look forward to a wonderful final production!