Parents and students talk about their experiences at Claire School of Dance.

“Lincoln loves tiny toes dance class! I’m always impressed by how much he has grown while in the class. Especially his patience and listening, he basically learned how to wait for his turn in this class. But beyond that introducing creative movement this early has been incredible for him. One Saturday after class he taught himself to gallop, a thing that he didn’t really seem to understand at first in class. It’s a joy to watch his mind expand that way!”

“After being a teacher with the Claire School for a little over 10 years, I’m finally also experiencing what it’s like to be a parent with the school!  I have always loved the ideals and values behind the school’s method of teaching. Ms. Claire has always been such a strong proponent of instilling joy and friendship as the basis of our classes. It’s the way all of the teachers are trained and I can now say that it certainly shines through when watching my own child take classes.  I love watching him learn and I LOVE seeing his heart fill up with a genuine love of music and dance!”