Parent Demonstrations

At the end of every school year, the Claire School of Dance offers two types of Parent Demonstration. For children in the Early Childhood Program, Creative Movement 1, 2 or 3 or ages 3 and 4, parents are invited to attend the last class of the year.   The teacher will lead students through a regular class to show parents what the students have learned over the course of the year. The class ends with the presentation of a rose to each student and the taking of class photos by the parents.

Students in preballet and above (Kinder and older) participate in the Annual Recital, a performance held at the theatre of St. John’s School.   The theme of the 2020 recital is Unbroken Circle, a history of country music based on the Ken Burns’ documentary.

Rehearsals for the Unbroken Circle  (also known as “the recital”) begin in February.  Information sheets and permission slips will be distributed the week of January 6th and are due by February 15th. Parents are asked to let the teacher know if they have a conflict for the performance date as the number of students will affect the choreography for the performance piece.

Due to theater availability, our recital date this year is May 24th, Memorial Day weekend. Run-through rehearsal for the entire cast will be 1:30-3:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon, May 23rd.   PERFORMANCE GUIDELINES will be emailed to parents and can be downloaded from HERE. The hair/shoe/leotard instruction sheet can be found HERE.

There is a $150 performance fee for Unbroken Circle. ($200 for those in two dances.)  This helps cover the considerable cost of the theater, costumes, and professional services. We do have a scholarship fund to ensure that every child is able to participate. The fee includes two free tickets to the performance.

We will ask for volunteer moms to sit with students during the rehearsal and performance.

What Parents Need to Know

  •  Click here to download the  2020 Unbroken Circle Guidelines for Parents.
  • Click here to download the 2020 Permission Slip.
    • All students enrolled at the Claire School of Dance at the primary level or higher are given roles to perform in Unbroken Circle.
    • Participation is on an “opt out” basis. Parents must notify the office VIA EMAIL or written communication by February 15th if they do not wish their child to participate. Failure to notify the office that a child is “opting out” may result in the assessment of the performance fee.
    • There will be a $150 performance fee for each performer. ($200, if student does a second dance.) This helps cover the cost of costumes and other performance expenses. Each child receives two free tickets as part of her performance fee.
    • No child will be denied the opportunity to perform due to lack of funds. A scholarship fund is available to help cover the cost of the performance fee.
    • Scholarship requests should be made by February 15th.
    • Payment of the performance fee is due by February 15th.
    • Some costumes remain the property of the Claire School of Dance. Most costumes and props will go home with performers.
    • In order to respect the time of parents, most rehearsals will take place during regular class times.
    • There will be one general run-through rehearsal Saturday  May 23rd, the day before the performance, also at  St. John’s School. ALL performers MUST be present at this rehearsal as it will be the only time all performers rehearse together.
    • The general run-through rehearsal will take place 1:30-3:30 pm at the Lowe Theatre of St. John’s School, Westheimer at Buffalo Speedway.
    • Some students may be scheduled for “spot” rehearsals the morning of Saturday, May 23rd. That schedule will be announced by April 18th.
    • Because, due to theater availability, we must have our recital Memorial Day weekend, we ask parents to make the recital commitment carefully. There are NO recital fee refunds and last minute changes to the number of dancers performing is EXTREMELY disruptive to the children performing. Thank you for your consideration.

On the day of the show:

    • Parents leave their children at the theatre 9:30am Sunday morning, with a bag lunch. Dress rehearsal will start at 10:30am.
    • All children will be under adult supervision at all times. Children are welcome to bring books and crayons.
    • The performance starts at 2:00pm and runs about one hour.
    • Flash photography is NOT permitted during the performance.
    • We will have a professional photographer both backstage taking individual and class portraits as well as taking photos of the performance. Parents will be sent a link and instructions on how to order photos.

    Tickets, bouquets, and DVDs:

    • Tickets are $10 for children and $15 for adults. Tickets go on sale May 5th.
    • Ticket orders may be picked up  Saturday, May 16th,  at Grace United, 10 a.m. to noon or at the theatre during the run-through rehearsal Saturday afternoon.
    • Bouquets are a lovely ballet tradition. CSD offers a special performance bouquet for $20. Sign up sheets will be posted in the waiting rooms. Orders may also be emailed to our office. Bouquets can be picked up at the box office one hour before the performance.
    • DVDs are $25. Orders must be placed by May 28th. The recording will be mailed to the parent home address.

    St. John’s Theatre has 600 seats – plenty of room for all your friends.

  • We look forward to an all American experience of Unbroken Circle!