Student Spotlight: Contessa Moore and Vivienne Roselius

Contessa Moore and Vivienne Roselius, students at the Claire School of Dance since they were three years old and pictured here in their new uniforms, are moving to Level 3 this year. The two girls began taking class twice a week last year, when they started Level 2. Their diligence and excellent attendance allowed them to complete Level 2 in one year instead of the usual two.
In addition to taking class twice a week last year, both Vivienne and Contessa have taken summer classes the past three years.167
This commitment has resulted in a quantum leap forward in their technical abilities. Their mothers also report a notable increase in both self-confidence and self-discipline, a response echoed by the girls themselves.
This summer, the girls performed in Pillow Chair, the CSD 2016 dance video project in which Vivienne and Contessa are the sole performers.
We look forward to more performances from these two outstanding students.

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