March 2023

Spring Break March 6-18th

EXCEPT FOR MAKE UP CLASSES: No Classes March 6-18th. Regular classes resume Monday, March 20th.  PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR SPRING BREAK IS TWO WEEKS LONG.

Make up Classes

Following are make up classes for classes cancelled earlier this year:  They will be held March 6, 7, & 8th.

  • Monday Primary & Level 4 with Ms Claire.
  • Tuesday creative movement with Miss Jasmine
  • Tuesday Level 1 with Ms Claire
  • Wednesday, Level 2 with Ms. Claire

Each of these classes will receive a reminder email as well.

Attendance is Important!

Recital rehearsals have begun. Regular class attendance is more important than ever. We are fitting costumes and learning the dance. Please make sure your child comes to class.

Summer Registration Open

On-line registration for summer classes and summer camps is now open.  Spaces do go quickly so sign up now!

Our dance camps include Cinderella, Disney Princess, Fairy Magic, and On Your Toes.

Our “don’t call it summer school” camps include: Samson Art & Nature camps #1, #2, and #3. We’ll be learning about owls, alligators, turtles, and more!

Up Up & Away Camps travel to Europe, Japan, and Latin America this year. We’ll learn about Grimm’s fairy tales, anime movies, and more!

Sign up TODAY!

2023/2024 Registration for Samson Micro Academy Open

Does your child need extra support or extra challenge? Samson Micro Academy may be what you are looking for! Class size is limited to 6 students, providing one-on-one attention for each student. At Samson Academy, we care about your child. Go to our website, or contact us today for more info!

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Dance in Houston

March 3-5. Romeo and Juliet. Houston Ballet. 7:30 p.m. & 2 p.m.  Wortham Center. Info:

March 10. Ragamala Dance Co. Info:

March 9-19 Summer and Smoke.

Houston Ballet. 7:30 p.m. & 2 p.m.  Wortham Center. Info:

March 24-25. Genji. Asia Society. Info:

December 2022

November 2022

April 2022

November 2020

September 2020

Fall Classes Start

Our academic school year begins Tuesday, September 8th. Registration is available online. Returning families should use their email addresses to log into their existing accounts. Questions about placement? Call or email us.

In-Person Classes

We will offer in-person instruction for students 4 years of age and up starting Tuesday, September 8th. Families and students will need to abide by our COVID policies.

Students younger than 4 years of age – Parent n Me and Creative Movement 1 and 2 – will be on hiatus until conditions permit parents to enter the building. This is unlikely to be before November and may be as late as January 2021. Parents interested in a Zoom class for this age group should contact the office.

Our COVID Policies

To prevent the spread of the corona virus and ensure the safety of our staff and our families, CSD has instituted the following policies:

  • Micro-classes: depending on the size of the studio, classes will now range in size from 4-8 students
  • Parent n Me and Creative Movement 1 & 2 classes will begin when conditions permit parents to be in the building. This may be as late as January 2021.
  • CM 3 classes will be held in person, although parents should be aware that they will not be allowed into the building.
  • Temperatures are taken before entering the building. Students with more than 99.6 will be sent home.
  • Only students and teachers will be allowed in the building.
  • Masks are worn at all times.
  • Distancing will be observed in dance class.
  • NO make-ups; NO late arrivals.
  • Students enter Lambert Hall through the playground but exit via the side parking lot.
  • Students enter Grace United using the door that faces Yale, but exit the door facing 13th street.
  • Depending on government recommendations and rules, CSD reserves the right to go to all virtual classes.
  • To minimize contact between students of different classes, we have made some changes to the schedule. BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S CLASS TIME on the CSD website.
  • CSD reserves the right to institute any new measure required by the level of spread in the community.

Samson Home School Academy

We have a limited number of spots left in our Samson Academy program. Samson Academy offers in-person instruction for students Kinder through Grade 4. Our micro-sized classes – maximum 6 students – allows for both greater protection against the corona virus, and individual attention to each student.

In addition to our special program for students wishing to preserve their spots in HISD magnet programs, we offer a full academic program, including math, language arts, science, social studies, music, art, and citizenship.

More information can be found at or by calling 713-880-5565.

Sept Unit Study – Balanchine

Our first unit study of the new school year is the work of choreographer George Balanchine, Russian immigrant and co-founder of School of American Ballet and New York City Ballet.

April 2020

Classes On-line: Zoom and Youtube

With the stay-at-home order extended to April 30, we will begin streaming classes via Zoom as of April 6. We will continue to offer our classes and other programs on youtube.  We are working every day to think of new ways to keep students moving forward. Keep your eye out for our emails!

Bonus Offerings

As part of our on-going efforts to go above and beyond during the corona crisis, we will be posting several new programs online. These will include a program called The Reading Corner, a series of ballet vocabulary videos, and a series of rhythm videos. Watch your email for the links.

April Unit Study – Gumboot Dance

Our unit study for April is one of the dance forms from South Africa, gumboot dancing. Click HERE for more information.

Summer Registration Open

With the world in limbo, on-line registration for summer classes and camps is open but we have a new payment policy for summer programs. See below.

Frozen 2, Fairy Magic, Camp Cupcake, Princess, Paris, On Your Toes ballet camp and SING (the movie) jazz camp are all on our schedule.  Info is HERE.

Change to Summer Registration: Pay When Session Opens

With the rapidly changing public health situation, we are no longer requiring payment to hold registration. We encourage parents to register NOW for summer programs. We will process payment only after these two conditions: 1) Finalization of summer schedule and 2) confirmation of registration.

Dance To Watch Online

For a limited time, you can watch the Alvin Ailey Company HERE and the Bolshoi Ballet Company HERE. We will be posting additional links on our Facebook page as we find them.

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4 Things Parents Show Know In Choosing A Dance School

“Four Things Parents Should Know In Choosing A Dance School” is a free publication of the Claire School of Dance.  Click here to download the full brochure.  Below you will find an abridged version.

For many parents, the world of dance is a mysterious place.  Choosing a dance school, then, can be a uncertain process. BUT the four questions listed below can help parents find a qualified and competent dance teacher.

QUESTION ONE:  What does the studio look like?

The most important aspect of a dance studio is the floor. NEVER dance on a concrete surface. Dance floors should be “floating,” a layer of air under the dance surface. The best studio floors have a vinyl covering called “marley.” Other aspects of the dance room to consider are light, ventilation, and space for everyone to move safely.

QUESTION TWO: Who is the teacher?

Dance classes should be taught by a highly trained, empathetic adult. The teacher should have years of training, a high degree of expertise, and both enthusiasm and patience.

QUESTION THREE: What is the teacher teaching?

Classes for preschool age children should focus on fundamentals of movement such as space, time, rhythm, and direction. They should NOT be at the barre or doing more than the simplest of ballet exercises. Beginning ballet students, ages 8 and up, will first learn alignment, holding parts of the body in proper relationship to one another. Turnout should be taught with regard to safety.  More advanced students will learn more complicated steps and rhythms. It is important that proper alignment and physical strength are adequately developed before more advanced material is added to the students’ curriculum. Parents and teachers who rush training may compromise a child’s physical safety and any future career in dance.

QUESTION FOUR: How many students are in the class?

The ratio of students to the physical size of the classroom should permit full movement for each student. Class size, especially for beginning ballet students, should permit individual correction. Bad habits can be hard to break and can limit future progress. Finally, the age range of students should be linked to developmental stages. Generally speaking, the younger the child the smaller the age range should be.  A three year old is different developmentally from a five year old.

By asking these and other questions, parents can distinguish between the good and the not-so-good schools. They can make a more informed choice.