May 2016

Parents Day DemonstrationsCAT_Ballerina-recital

Students at Cathedral House have their Demonstration May 27th . See scheduled posted in Cathedral House lobby.


All CM1, CM2, CM3, hippity hop, and tap classes at Lambert Hall and Grace United will have their Demonstration in class, the week of May 16th.  Parents are invited to watch what the children have learned. All children will receive fairy crowns and flowers. Because we added a week to our spring semester, there are NO FURTHER MAKEUPS.

(If your child DOES NOT wear a uniform, her demonstration is in class. If she DOES wear a uniform, she is in the May 22nd performance.


Students who take classes at Lambert Hall and Grace United and who are in Preballet, Primary, Jazz, or any Level ballet class have their Parents Day Demonstration Sunday, May 22nd at 3 p.m. at St. John’s School (same theatre as the Nutcracker).


Students should arrive by 1:00. Dress rehearsal starts at 1:15. Doors open at 2:30 for parents.


Students must wear the class uniform and wear hair in a bun or pony tail (if long) or pulled off face (if short).


Recital Info Online

Parent will find more information on our website here:


Call for Class “Mamas”

We are asking for volunteer moms to sit with the children during the dress rehearsal and performance. These moms will also assist getting children to and from the stage as well as during the restroom break between rehearsal and performance. Benefits include a seat in a front row and our undying gratitude.


Recital DVD Orders

We will be videotaping the recital at St. John’s. Orders for DVDs will be taken the last week of class and at the Demonstration.


Summer  & Fall Programs

We have limited spaces in our summer camps and classes. You may register online at


Fall Registration Open

Registration is also open for fall. Placement books are in waiting rooms at both Lambert and Grace. Consult these, or your teacher, if you have questions about class placement for summer or fall. Spaces do go quickly so sign up now!



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